Advertising Plans ( Advertising plans and strategies )


The strength of any brand depends on how powerful and integrated the marketing strategy is, specially at managing and monitoring the marketing campaigns on the different social platforms.

This requires a quality of time and solid hard work to study the market and competitors, exploring the strength and weakness points, paying extra attention to the contents needed to be created on each and every platform and targeting the right customers, areas and interests. And preparing an accurate budget to get to the least price per click taking into consideration reaching the largest number of potential customers. Our strategies cover Google search engine and all the social networks such as:

  • Instagram ads
Instagram ads are proved to be the a powerful marketing tool to open new market channels. We can measure how successful the campaign on instagram based on many aspects such as reachability, recalling and reactivating the old ad and increasing the awareness instead of counting likes and comments and managing the account on the long run.

This could be achieved by:

  • Specifying an integrated strategy to manage and lead the marketing campaigns
  •  Targeting new group of customers and attracting new followers
  •  Targeting the clients of the competitors
  •  Launching marketing campaigns to cost per click or appearance
  •  Monitoring the campaign step by step and providing a detailed report about every stage of the campaign
  •  Creating lower cost and affordable ads 
Types of marketing campaigns on Instagram:

  • Photo ads
  •  Video ads
  • Rotating ads
  • Stories
  • Raising awareness of your brand and services
  • Redirecting: redirecting the users to your website or interacting with certain application or motivating the visitors to do a certain action such as installing an application, visiting your website or interacting with your service.

  • Twitter ads
Twitter is considered the most famous social network in the whole world, which makes Twitter ads target the biggest number of potential customers (Twitter users) and gives a space to launch large marketing campaigns the thing MARCA can do for your.
  • Why advertise on Twitter?
The latest statistics spotted that there are 400 million active users on Twitter platform monthly including over 11 millions active users in the Arab region, we can conclude that there are almost 16.3 million Twitter accounts in the Arab region since the start of this year statistics proved that Twitter users reached 1.7 million users in Saudi Arabia presenting 8.1% of the total population.

  • 33% of the tweets in the middle east are posted from Saudi Arabia.
  • 3 of 5 have Twitter accounts in Saudi Arabia.
Types of marketing ads on Twitter:

  • Promotional and tweeting.
  • Promotional and creating accounts.
  • Promotional and publishing your brand and keep it in advanced rank on the most discussed topics on twitter by adding the suitable hashtag # to raise the awareness of your product and guarantee more followers to your account which puts your ad on the top of hashtag list which enables your to reach your clients and assure the success for your campaign.

Types of commercial ads on Twitter:

  • Increasing your accounts followers.
  • Increasing interaction and engagement on your tweets.
  • Promoting and publishing your products and brands to reach as many users as possible.
  • Increasing your video views.
  • Promoting to your application or inviting more visits to your website for better marketing to your product.

  • Snapchat ads
Snapchat is as important as any other social platform, and it is considered the most flexible application among all social media applications. It can be used for many various purposes. It is the most favorite application for millions of users.

Recently Snapchat allowed paid ads in the application to everyone after it was restricted on the large companies and premium accounts and cost a fortune it is now available for all types of companies at any size.

Types of ads on Snapchat
  • Sponsored geofilters
Layer or frame to be added to the photos you capture or videos you record to be shared with friends only or in public.
  • Sponsored Lens
This types of ads is a filter to be added to the face which detects and interacts with the face in the real time.
This type of ads must be purchased directly from Snapchat sales team.
  • Snap ads

Promotional videos maximum 10 seconds to be viewed within normal Snapchat videos and on the friends’ posts and stories

Why advertise on Snapchat:
166 millions - average active users on Snapchat daily
18+ - average of the times users open their Snapchat application daily
30+ - average time active users spend on Snapchat daily
60% - the average percentage active Snapchat users take photos using Snapchat camera

  • Facebook ads
Any business or user advertises on Facebook mainly aims to; first: reach the target audience , second: get the least cost per click.

Why advertise on Facebook:

According to the latest statistics, there are over 2 billion active users on Facebook, these users share and post most of the contents on the Facebook network. Over 800 million users like something on the Facebook every single day.

Types of ads on Facebook:

Brand Awareness
Post Engagements
Video Views
Website Traffic
Lead Generations
App Installs

Facebook ads target:
  • Installing apps: encourage the users to install applications on mobile or desktop pc
  • Brand awareness: introduce your brand to new audience
  • Transferring: get the users to do a certain action on your website for example ( subscribe to your contact list or purchase an item)
  • Sharing: sharing to a wide range of audience to increase the number of likes, comments, shares or photo views to increase number of followers to your page or use a certain event to increase engagement on your page.
  • Generating potential customers: reach to more target audience.
  • Reach: let your ad reach the largest number of users.
  • After Posts ads: ads show up after your posts related to the post contents.
  • Store visits: attract more customers to visit your physical or online store.
  • Website Traffic: increase number of visits to website
  • Video Views: increase the video views to raise the awareness of your brand.