Content Creation

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 By creating and managing the marketing contents service offered by MARCA, we can raise the awareness of your brand and services to be able to grab the target customers’ attention and manage a successful communication with them. That is the main point of content creation which includes:

Website contents:

Your website is considered your business identity and the digital platform by which you can support your brand.

That’s why it is important to have a profissional contents in your website to present something unique to your customers to distinguish you from other competitors.

 Emphasizing on your business goals and how your product or service can help different customers by offering creative solutions and how to come up with something out of the box to grab customers’ attention and make them eager to know more about your business.

Social Media contents:

To be able to communicate and engage with your target audience, you have to speak their language and present suitable contents to attract as many potential customers as you can on the social networks.

Video contents:

The visual contents specially animation are the most effective way to grab customers’ attention. By creating a good script to such videos you will be able to reach a greater range of the potential customers and support your brand.

Brand identity contents:

Creativity and uniqueness is the secret behind our success in MARCA to support your brand identity by designing and printing business cards, company logo, company profile or brochure and so on we help you shine in a unique identity other than any of your competitors.

Translation and auditing: and it is available for Arabic and English languages.