Digital marketing


Digital marketing is one of the most important marketing techniques as it is widely used by the vast majority of the customers.

It is well known that nowadays, the world became rapidly evolving, since the invention of the internet the world became small connected village. Till the social networks had reached the peak in the arab region increasing the interaction on the different social platforms in a undeniable way.
 There is no doubt that every platform on the social networks has its own trend and even its own language which differs from one platform to another and that is something most users are not aware of.
 Every platform has a unique marketing strategy and tools, so if you are up to starting a marketing campaign to your brand you have to be completely aware of strategy planning and leading this campaign and that is exactly we offer you at MARCA.

At MARCA we are ready to use our full capacity of our team of professionals to help you build up your brand and launch your marketing campaign following the best strategies and marketing plans to guarantee your message reaches the vast majority of potential customers by offering you top notch variant services which fulfil all your business needs and emphasize on  your brand success and shine.

At MARCA we promote your rank among your competitors to save you an advanced position in the market which guarantees the continued success even after launching your digital identity by

Managing And Monitoring Your Marketing Campaign On: 

  • Twitter
Marketing on twitter is considered one of the most effective strategies in increasing hit rate and the visitors to your website.
Twitter users care the most about exploring everything new in the business world so you can attract more potential customers to your business.

  • Instagram
Audio, Video and Motion
The visual interaction is the catchiest technique to grab the customer’s attention, in Instagram ads you will be able to assure your brand’s digital identity by either photos, videos, motion graphics or stories.

  • Facebook
Facebook is the most popular social network ever that’s why it enables your business to grow up limitlessly by creating paid Facebook ads by which you can target your potential customers by defining the geographical location, gender, the age range and interests and you can even predefine the timings when your ads show up to the potential users. Facebook is considered the white whale which mainly controls the other networks services.

  • Snapchat
To be present “virtually, vocally and visually” with your customers. It is the main point behind advertising on Snapchat which allows you engaging with your followers and sharing live feeds which supports the credibility to your business.